'Sex and the City 2' ....i love it..


Le Plee said…
love sex and the city! i enjoy on this film! :)

Le Plee@ leplee.blogspot.com
Dolly said…
I love sex in the city! I cannot wait to see the second movie =D
Nat Elizabeth said…
i NEED to watch this
Courtney Ash said…
I saw the trailer on TV and flipped OMG I want to BE them! lol Thanks for following :) Adorable blog I will deff. be following back!~ xoxo
These photos make me sooo crazy! I need to see the movie NOW! :P
I'm so needing to see this movie asap!
Nicole said…
Can't wait to see this. Already booked my tickets!!!!!
Love your blog by the way. I'm following!
Nic x
Eri said…
Hi there,

Great blog, really like it!
Please have a look at my fashion page too, I would love for you to be a new follower.

I am also doing a giveaway in the next few days!

See you soon.
Anonymous said…
fabulous pictures! i love satc! can't wait to watch the new movie!! :D