Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cool or not

What you see in the picture is a Louis Vuitton bag made from a garbage bag, plastic and leather handle..I am so amazed that I do not know what to believe: it is a masterpiece or is a very expensive joke that only a brand like Louis Vuitton and it might allow?

5 comentarii:

Ancia said...

To be honest.. I don'T like it. I wouldn't like it no matter who designed it and so it does not look good in my eyes just because LV invented this garbage bag.

Camila said...

bueno tiene un punto, no me lo compraría pero me ha gustado besos!!

Jason laucht said...

OMG! that is an IDEA! :)

(mit gewinnspiel)


anka said...

an IDEA which costs $1,960:)

Fleur d'air said...

I think it's so original, but I wouldn't spent more than 1€ on that.. jajaj

I think as you do... It's a too expensive joke